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Juniper West, Essex

Structural Reinstatement Project

Company: Cadman Construction Ltd  |  Category: Insurance Reinstatement, Industrial and Retail

This Case Study Project comprises of the extensive structural reinstatement of an industrial warehouse in Basildon, Essex, which had encountered considerable ground movement following its original construction. The movement over time was caused by considerable ground heave leading to one complete elevation of the existing building rising out of the ground by up to 92mm, the movement resulted in signifcant damage to both the existing substructure and superstructure, which required considerable reinstatement on behalf of our client.

The highly technical remedial strategy involved bracing of the existing building before removal of the complete superstructure (other than the existing roof and steel frame) together with complete removal of the existing substructure groundbeams and groundbearing slab before the implementation of a sequenced methodolgy of structural improvement works.

The affected warehouse space received 292Nr continuous flight augered piles prior to new concrete ring beams being constructed around each existing steel column position (keeping each existing pad foundation in place) before the existing frame could be raised and/or lowered to its original and required position.

The new concrete ring beams were utilised to allow the existing steel frame to be anchored and jacked up or down using hydraulic jacks and to a specific sequence (as set out by our Structural Engineers). Once the frame had been adjusted to the required position and anchored down, the existing concrete pads that the frame was originally bolted to were subsequently released and broken out before new concrete spreader beams could be constructed and cast at the new levels in order to support the frame to its adjusted position.

Once each of the new concrete spreader beams had reached sufficient curing strength, the existing columns were bolted down to the final positions before hydraulic jacks and anchors were released.

The building subsequently received a new powerfloated and heavily reinforced ground bearing slab following reinstatement of the salvaged and repaired groundbeams before new external wall cladding was installed alongside two new dock levellers.

In addition the complete building received comprehensive refurbishment in accordance with our clients' required specifications.   




Aberdeen Asset Management

Project Manager

Helme & Partners


Helme & Partners


Ken Rush Associates / Hurst Pierce & Malcolm


£ 1.3m

Procurement Route

Traditional Tender

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